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Welcome to DeckerCraft

Woodworking from the heart of Glacier country

My journey starts with a skip down the yellow brick road. As an actor/dancer/singer on the national and international tours of the Wizard of Oz, I was able to experience and admire different types and styles of woodworking from all corners of the world. While traveling, I felt it was time to make an engagement ring out of wood. This was the catalyst into DeckerCraft.

Wood has an element of beauty and character. Easy to see how my theatrical mind was drawn to its grains and textures. Every piece tells its own story. The opportunity of tinkering with the craft presented itself with the Covid pandemic. With theatre closed, my now wife and I moved home to Northwest Montana, started Big Sky Bagels, and finally had time to explore my woodworking.

I create custom art pieces, furniture, and functional decor. Please, if interested, contact me about sales or color and pattern ideas for custom projects. I love helping others bring ideas to life or collaborating on projects.

Many thanks to Michael Ayers, Dave Bell, and Lizzie Webb for helping me with a few beginning tools and a little push to explore my creativity.



       Scoob Decker


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